Welcome to the new MinnesotaPlaylist.com.

We’ve spiced up the design, added some useful new features, and streamlined how easy it is for you to upload shows, profiles, classifieds, and manage your account.

First, if you have not logged into the new design yet, you'll have to "request a new password" from the login page. Your old username works and all your past activity is saved. If you have never created an account, you should try it now--but don't worry, the website is still free to use. And here's what you'll see:

  1. The design. Graphic designer Matthew Foster translated phrases like “more slick but not slick like on the East or West coasts slick; midwestern slick” and “exciting, intelligent, and fun but not arrogant, confusing, and forced” into the design you see.

    Don’t forget to scroll down on most pages, especially the home page, to get the full effect.

  2. The calendar. We’ve created more ways to guide you toward what’s playing when, what kind of shows you will like, and what kind of additional events you want to attend.

    Click one link on the calendar page (like “post-show discussions” or “audio described”) and find a list of every opportunity you have to attend one of those special shows. Also, check out the Playlist recommends section.

    Watch how easy it is to post your own show.

  3. My account. Use the Follow and Bookmark buttons throughout the website to save artist profiles, articles, and other content to your account for easy reference. Is there a show you want to make sure you don’t miss? An actor whose work you love? Revisit their talent profile from your account page as soon as you log in.

  4. Talent Books. Visit our Talent Books to see which artists are affiliated with which organizations.

    We want to make it easy for theatergoers to learn more about the artists they see and love—or might want to see and know better—as well as the organizations who support them. We want artists to be known for their work and have an easy way to promote the work they are doing. We want organizations to support their artists and be a part of the story. Artists and organizations get exposure; audiences get more context for their decisions. Everyone wins.

    Check it out and email me if you want to sponsor a book. People who join up early get discounts. (Watch this video to see how easy it is to post an individual talent profile.)

  5. Classifieds. Classifieds can be posted and sorted by “posted on” date, “category”, “posted by”, and—introducing—”respond by” date so that you can see the most urgent classifieds first.

    (Producers: you are now able to purchase them in advance and use them whenever you’re ready. Learn more.)

  6. Content. Over the course of the next few months we'll roll out a wide variety of new content—including videos, podcasts, and discussions.

    Check out sample Collections where we put similar articles together so you can get a wide angle on a subject. Also, we’re using a new comment system that hopefully makes it easier for you to join in and speak directly to the authors and each other.


How do we decide what to recommend or highlight? First, we look to the list in our calendar to decide where to send our writers.

Posting in our calendar is free and available to all registered users. Arts administrators/producers, you can replace sending us a press release with just posting the same information in the calendar.

From those shows, we ask a diverse group of Playlist writers and artists about what they’re excited to see. It’s an ever-shifting group of talented people. We try to include a cross-section of opinions.

(Also for arts administrators/producers: If you’re afraid no one who MinnesotaPlaylist knows is aware of your work yet, you are welcome to introduce yourself to me anywhere you see me. I like meeting new people. I like talking to people better than I like emails. I look like this.Editor's note.)